André Bezemer is my hero. He explains Nestlé’s approach, he makes a clear distinction as to the meaning of the terms “equal pay” and “gender pay gap”....View Details

Hyper-growth recruiting

How a company like Zalando, during its hyper-growth mode, initiated, implemented and utilized data, to make a decision that led to its successful hiri...View Details

The world of work is currently undergoing significant transformation across the planet, as technological advances, demographic shifts, economic interd...View Details

Luke Whelan is just amazing. He talks about quite complicated issues like he is talking about ironing his t-shirt. Random forest and principal compone...View Details

People Analytics professionals often become so busy with the details of their daily jobs that they need an opportunity to take a step back and look at...View Details

Nokia’s journey over the past 5 years has been a tumultuous one, divesting, acquiring and shifting the skills and competences have forced the HR commu...View Details

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